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Our Vision

To enrich our community members in the United States of America with knowledge about the history and social heritage of their ancestral region of Swaida.


Our Mission

A deeper knowledge of our past enriches our character and culture, and empowers our members, especially the US-born generation, to connect with their roots, navigate their identity and contribute positively to their communities.

We will implement programs that cover the different facets of culture including topics related to history, traditions, art, music, literature and poetry through different modalities of interaction:


- Online Blog and Quarterly Publication: 

In depth essay covering a particular topic each quarter including a series of stories In the near future, our goal is to develop a quarterly magazine/journal that regularly includes several of these topics.


- Interactive Seminars/Workshops: 

Online events in the format of instructional classes and/or lectures open to all. Ex. traditional cooking classes, handicrafts, dabke, historical topics, types of poetry (jawfiya, qasa’id fan, hawliya), etc.


- Exhibition at the National Convention: 

The P & C Committee will be given a space at each annual convention for an exhibition around a particular topic or theme, such as historical figures, art gallery, old photographs and documents, traditional clothing, etc.


- Research and Discussion:

Encourage students and scholars in our community to conduct scholarly work and focus group discussion on Swaida’s culture including sociology, geography, agriculture, industry and historical relics.

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Swaida Cultural Heritage Blog

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